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Facts About Spiders

  • “Spider rain” is not just a myth.
  • The black widow’s venom is dangerously potent (15 times more powerful than the poison of a rattlesnake).
  • Spiders reside on every continent, except for Antarctica—and if you go there, you risk freezing to death. Pick your poison!
  • There is a spider in three out of every four bedrooms.
  • spiders eat as much or more than we do.They can destroy your sorrounding completely.
  • There are spiders hiding in the water, too. Save your docks!
  • Some spiders look like ants. They live between ants and hide easily amognst them to prey. Crazy & Creepy!
  • Certain spider bites can make your blood cells burst.
  • Spiders lay hundreds of eggs at once. Don’t let them grow around.
  • Almost all spiders are venomous.
  • The Darwin bark spider creates the strongest material made by a living organism. Their giant webs can span rivers, streams, and even lakes and is 10 times stronger than Kevlar
  • The world’s smallest spider is the Patu marplesi. It is so small that 10 of them could fit on the end of a pencil.